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3D/4D images of your Baby

As with normal 2D scanning many factors influence what parts of the baby we can see.  These factors include position, the volume of Amniotic fluid and the size of the mother’s abdomen.  The sonographers will attempt  to obtained  best possible images.

Good 3D/4D images require a co-operative baby and adequate amniotic fluid in front of the structures being imaged.  Some babies press against the wall of the uterus or placenta, or they may have limbs in front of their face. This will make obtaining 3D/4D image.   We aim to obtain good 3D/4D images of the baby’s face but we also think it is more important to make sure that your baby is healthy and growing well.  It is good for parents to anticipate seeing their baby but not to be too disappointed if the ultrasound proves impossible to get these 3D images of the face.


We include 3D/4D imaging complimentary in all obstetric diagnostic scans. 


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