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Breast Ultrasound 

What is a Breast Ultrasound?
Breast Ultrasound is the examination of the breast tissue using an ultrasound scan. Ultrasound uses high frequency soundwaves to produce images (or pictures) of the body that are displayed on a screen.

Ultrasound of the breast helps to distinguish fluid filled lumps in the breast (cysts) from solid lumps which may be cancerous or benign (non-cancerous). It is often useful to examine the breasts of younger women because the breast tissue is much denser than it is in older women, and this density can make it harder to detect an abnormality if a mammogram is performed.
Ultrasound is also used to diagnose problems such as complications from mastitis (an infection that occurs most often during breastfeeding), to assess abnormal nipple discharge, to assess problems with breast implants and to guide the placement of a needle during biopsies.

How do I prepare for a Breast Ultrasound?
No preparation is necessary for this examination.
It is advisable to wear a two piece outfit so that only your top has to be removed to provide access to the breast area.

What happens during a Breast Ultrasound?
You will be asked to remove your top and bra and change into a gown.
You will be asked to lie on a bed and one breast at a time will be examined.
A triangular sponge will be placed behind your shoulder so that you are rolled slightly onto your side.  This helps position the breast to make scanning more effective.
Gel is applied to the skin and an ultrasound probe (called a transducer) is placed on the breast and gently moved around the breast to examine the breast tissue.
Examination of the armpit (or axilla) will also be undertaken to assess for any enlarged lymph glands (or nodes – a lump or swelling).

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