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Some women start to suspect they may be pregnant soon after conception, while other becomes suspicious when their period doesn’t arrive.

What you might be feeling

They also may experience other early signs:

  1. Feeling sick
  2. A missed period
  3. Tender breasts or nipples
  4. Fatigue
  5. Positive pregnancy urine test
  6. Spotting and cramping
  7. Altered sense of taste

For most mums-to-be you will be required to go to your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and they will give you  referrals to have a dating scan  and blood tests.

You’re probably excited about your first ultrasound scan because it gives you a glimpse of your baby with the fetal heart moving. You will be given photos of your baby to take with you. Whilst this is an exciting time remember there are other things that need to be checked to ensure there are no signs of any complications

Summary Dating/Viability Scan

  • Done Prior to 10 weeks
  • Determine expect due date (EDD)
  • Confirms multiple or single pregnancy
  • Confirms location of pregnancy. eg intrauterine or ectopic
  • Determines whether any other Pathology is present eg fibroids, ovarian cyst etc


This scan is bulk billed for healthcare card holders/pension card holders through Centrelink. If patients only have a Medicare card, a fee of $95 will be charged, however Medicare will rebate $51 for the study. If you require a follow up dating scan, this will be bulk billed to Medicare. 

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